Professional Development trip to St. Louis!

This past weekend, members of ACT traveled to St. Louis, MO and Chesterfield, MO to visit with Osbor + Barr, the United Soybean Board and the National Corn Growers Association.

All of these companies provided insight and tips about the agricultural industry and gave ACTers ideas and things to think about as they begin to enter the job market.

ACT would like to thank all of these companies for taking the time to share their valuable knowledge with us.



ACTers with Rachel McGrew of Osborn + Barr.



ACTers at the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO.



Spring Preparations

We AgCommas are busy preparing for the many activities happening in the coming semester. Ag Week and Spring Fest are getting closer each week and ACT has some exciting plans.

  • We are pairing up with Purdue Student Government to host a farmer’s breakfast. The idea is to educate students about how much a farmer makes on the products they sell. Students will pay the same amount that a farmer gets back.
  • We are also trying to plan a professional development trip to Osborn Barr in Saint Louis. 

2ND ANNUAL ACT SCAVENGER HUNT is happening April 4th!!! Begin your preparations now and come ready for some intense scavenging!!

Our next meeting is February 21st at 6pm in WSLR 116. We will be going to Mad Mushroom after the meeting so come hungry!

ACT wants to thank Sammy Sisk, Cooperate Communications Manager for AgReliant Genetics and former ACT member, for being a guest speaker at our last meeting. She has some great insights and comments for our members.


Welcome back!

Winter break is over and school is back with its unrelenting array of new projects, papers and homework assignments, but have no fear! ACT is back with some exciting new ideas for this semester.

Side note: ACT WON TOP OPTION CLUB!!! The Dairy Club will begrudgingly return the trophy to the rightful owners where it can be displayed and appreciated in all of its glory.

Stay tuned for more information on this semester.

REMINDER: College of Agriculture Hot Chocolate Social is Wednesday, January 16th, 5:30-7pm in the Lilly Lobby.


Hey everyone!! A few weeks ago some ACT members took part in Winterization, a community service project in which students from Purdue University assist in preparing the yards and homes of the elderly and disabled in Tippecanoe County for winter.

Over 200 residents took part in the event as students helped to “Winterize” their homes. The turnout was amazing, with over 1,500 student volunteers in attendance. ACT was glad to be a part of this community outreach.

Members of ACT raking leaves at Winterization. (FUN FACT: it took almost 5 hours to rake this entire yard and I had the blisters to prove it.)

Jenn Piotrowski strikes a pose while raking leaves. Lookin’ good!

Sam Schmidt makes raking leaves a party at Winterization.



And so the Christmas season begins….

Thanksgiving is over – even if you are still in a turkey coma-  and the Christmas season has begun!

We heard back from Orange Leaf and the grand total for our Skip-a-meal was…..dadadadadaadadadada(that’s a drumroll people): $41.67!

Not the big money we were hoping for, but you have to start somewhere.

Hopefully, ACTer’s will do a better job of selling Scentsy and Thirty-one and we will only add to our fundraising total.

With finals fast approaching what better way to take your mind off of studying than a party. The ACT Christmas Party to be exact! December 6th at Dr. T’s house. Here’s what to expect at the party:

Holiday Cheer: ✓

White Elephant Gift: ✓

Dr. T: ✓

Yummy Food: ✓

Evan mentioning PACT: ✓

Snow: TBD (I can’t control the weather!)

and did I mention Holiday Cheer?! : ✓ ✓

Fall Update

Thanksgiving Break is fast approaching and the semester will be over before we know it and we will all be one step closer to graduating and venturing out into the (gulp) real world.

On a lighter note, let’s review the highlights from this week’s meeting:

  • We are working on creating club t-shirts and anyone interested in helping should contact Sam ( I’m sure they will be amazing.
  • For fundraising, we are going to be selling Scentsy and Thirty-one. These make great gifts and with the holidays rapidly approaching, it shouldn’t be a problem to sell these products.
  • The ACT Christmas party is Dec. 6th at Dr. T’s house. It is going to be so full of fun, food and holiday cheer that you probably won’t be able to fit through the door at the end of the night.
  • We are in the process of planning a trip to marketing service agency Bader Rutter in Wisconsin as part of our professional development.

Also, our Orange Leaf Skip-a-meal was this past Thursday and Friday. Many ACTers went after the meeting to support the club and frozen yogurt was had by all.